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Pain Bleeding Discharge Itch

Too embarrassed to act?
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All these problems can be fixed.
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We know that many people suffer in silence for years with pain, discharge, itch, bleeding & embarrassment.

Anal conditions are some of the most painful problems that people can experience. Your bottom can't be rested in a sling. It's an area of your body that must be used every day and can cause great suffering day after day.

Anal conditions are incredibly common. People just don't talk about them. Naturally people are embarrassed to discuss these problems, even with their Doctor.

Our Doctors are used to dealing with these problems every day and are experts in correcting the causes.

We are used to treating these problems and enjoy the big smiles and happy patients after these problems have been treated successfully.

At the Brisbane Haemorrhoid Clinic we use the most modern techniques to fix these problems easily and simply.



Your initial appointment will be with Dr Lindsay Watson, a Brisbane GP with over 15 years experience in dealing with these issues. After assessment at our clinic locations at either Gaythorne, Northlakes or Indooroopilly you will then either be booked immediately to see our surgeon Dr McGregor and have your surgery or, if complicated, see Dr McGregor to further assess you and discuss potential surgery or other treatments and investigations.

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