What to expect after HALRAR


-The majority of patients get moderate pain for the first two to three days. Some patients can get severe pain while some get none at all. Your levels of pain will depend on the exact nature of your HALRAR procedure and the degree of lift required. Unfortunately some degree of pain or discomfort is unavoidable.

-Dr McGregor will insert long acting local anaesthetic around you bottom to block the nerves during the operation. This will last most of the day. You will also be given a prescription for Oxycontin. You should take one or two every twelve hours as required.

-If you are having severe pain you may add Nurofen (Ibuprofen) and /or Panadol (Paracetamol) to get you through the first couple of days. Warm baths and ice packs on your bottom also help. Severe pain if present usually occurs only on the first and second day and then improves very rapidly. It is important to rest and maintain your fluids during this time.


- It is important that you are opening your bowels during the days after your HALRAR procedure. Constipation is the only real issue that patients have run into trouble with after HALRAR as the pain medicine is very constipating.

-Dr McGregor will give you a prescription for Movicol to be taken twice a day for the first few days after your operation. It is important that you do not have diarrhoea on this medication. If your bowels are opening easily and you are comfortable please cease the movicol and return to a high fibre diet promptly.

-It is not unusual to see some blood with your bowel motions just after your procedure and at stages during healing. This is normal and of no concern. Please let Dr McGregor know if bleeding is persistent or excessive. Bleeding normally settles spontaneously.

-Ladies especially may find that in the few weeks after HALRAR

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