Dr McGregor is now using Selective Haemorrhoid Stapling to remove high grade and prolapsing haemorrhoids.

While stapled haemorrhoidectomy has been around for some time the results have not always been satisfying for the Patient or the Surgeon.

The newly improved Touchstone TST stapler has changed this with only the problematic tissue being removed, leaving the healthy tissue unharmed.

This has the benefit of being able to tailor the operation to the patient.

The added benefit of this is that patient often (more than 75% of the time) are reporting very little pain after surgery due to the surgery being performed much further up the bottom than traditional surgery. 

A further benefit is that once the tissue is gone it cannot return.

The device works like many surgical staplers in that it staples and cuts at the same time, leaving a very tightly sealed internal wound with little chance of bleeding or other problems.

Dr McGregor has had great success in using the new device and will discuss it with you at your consultation.

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